Capax Universi

You are Capable of the universe


Daniel Alexander, a San Francisco native is a Bay Area-based Yoga teacher, Empowerment Life-coach and men's group facilitator.  with a mission to cultivate willing individuals. it is by understanding our connection to the world around us and within us that we can move with intention and be fully awake. 


How can I be of service


Event Horizon

Nothing escapes your grasp! 

One on One empowerment coaching. Let's co-create an attractive vision for the life you truly want to live. the results are always perfect. 



The Sphere

An online 12-week men's circle  experience. There is much about our experience that can only be shared with, & understood by, other men.


heart work

longest journey a man will ever make is from his head to his heart. a ceremonial plant medicine experience. 



Lighting you up several times your original brightness.

An  online 9-week program  that you can complete at your own time. It's time to turn towards our suffering and meet it with love.  

light up the darkness!


Atmospheric Yoga

 Fire, water, earth, air, and space are  themes that are used as guides, coupled with asanas, to tell a story that is original and authentic to the experiencer