A Truly free man has no choices, only commitments.

Welcome to Spheres

A 12-week online closed group that focuses on raising the consciousness of men.  it is a community that meets a man's desire and need for intimate kinship, support, and loyalty. Together we explore male roles in society & learn to be more loving conscious beings to ourselves, each other and to our communities. There is much about our experiences as men that can only be shared with, and understood by, other men. Free from the domination of limiting and often oppressive social expectations, men committed to each other in a group can provide the support and challenge unavailable elsewhere. Developing healthy relationships with healthy men doesn't just happen; it takes intention and commitment. Are you up to the challenge? 

Application for Spheres

Welcome to the application process for spheres. Deciding if being part of a men's group is worth it only you can decide. a men's group can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to form deep and meaningful relationships. If you are interested in being considered, please fill out application below. answer all questions  as truthfully as you can and take your time. joining our group is a 12-week commitment. the group will meet once a week. there will be an expectation that every man speaks his true feelings and be open and accepting of the others men's feelings.  how we are going to do this? step by step, week by week, we will be having a great time learning self-awareness skills, communication skills, and group leadership skills.

What i want from my mens group is?

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