From Expression Comes Clarity

Daniel Alexander, a San Francisco native is a Bay Area-based Yoga teacher, Empowerment Life-coach and men's group facilitator.  with a mission to cultivate willing individuals. it is by understanding our connection to the world around us and within us that we can move with intention and be fully awake. 



I am honored to share this space with you and to possibly create a Self Empowerment Partnership. The culminated value of my life's experiences has brought me to the point in which I am living into my purpose to add substantial and sustainable positive transformation to my community. The effects of a disheveled childhood with multiple traumas has transformed from being a driver of suffering to becoming a source of perspective and empowerment. My career experience was primarily focused in hospitality management. I now find fulfillment in sharing the value of evidence-based practices that grow real well-being. My current daily practices include meditations, reading, writing, vlogging, yoga, exercising, singing and informal self-care. My Self Empowerment Partnership includes personal interaction with clients weekly to support their creating effective and sustainable positive changes. I offer cost free introductions to empowerment coaching program that is designed to be a personalized training in evidence-based methods that are adapted to the needs of the individual. Another offering I am really excited about is in men's groups. Developing relationships with other men doesn't just happen; it takes intention and commitment. There is much about our experiences as men that can only be shared with, and understood by, other men. There are stories we can tell only to those who have wrestled in the dark with the same demons and been wounded by the same angels. Only men understand the secret fears that go with the territory of masculinity. I am currently a participant and facilitator in various men groups and will continue to be a part of the transformation in mens work that I want to see in the world.

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