Affirmations From Clients


coaching is a precious opportunity to be a catalyst for a persons growth & Transformation 


Steve Mattus,

integrating love+business at 


"I've been actively pursuing personal development for well over two decades. Throughout, I've worked with several dozens of men with whom I've shared deep personal struggles. there have only been two men during this entire journey which, when I showed up in my most full intense, raw expression of myself, were able to hold me with strength, empathy, and wisdom. Daniel is one of two men. its incredibly rare to find a man who can hold space for another man in his anger, or pain, or intense discomfort who doesn't collapse, defend, protect, or make it about themselves. I've often said that being able to hold another man in his anger, pain and discomfort without the need to fix or change anything is one of the greatest gifts we can give another man. Daniel is a unicorn in how gifted he is in creating a safe container where I didn't feel judged, and yet also felt safely invited to dig deeper, stretch further, and grow aggressively.  I consider my experiences being coached by Daniel to be some of the most significant and transformative experiences on my journey. thank you Daniel. I am transformed for the better, in so many ways, as a result of working with you. I am forever grateful." 

"Daniel led me through the most profound and necessary experience of my life. Through well guided meditations and his heart work program, I discovered where I had been neglecting wounds my entire life. I plan to do this with him again to further understand and integrate my woundings. I would greatly encourage other men to this as well. "


Big x,

Performer, Producer

Sandeep Ghandi,

Senior investment analyst


"I have had the honor and privilege of witnessing and participating in several of Daniel's offerings and have nothing but immense respect and gratitude for what this man has to offer. As someone who is deep in the work himself, Daniel fully understands and can relate to each man he works with. His passion, care, creativity, ability to hold space, and glean insights have been invaluable to me in my growth. Daniel's leadership and his commitment to his work are clearly evident in the very high quality of the experiences he creates. I highly recommend working with Daniel in whatever capacity speaks most to you. Start small if you must but get involved and you'll see for yourself the incredible value this brother has to offer in your transformation. "

"Daniel's leadership, preparedness, and format to get men from all across the U.S. was extremely valuable. to bring men together to share, and provide a safe space for dialogue and confidentiality, was extremely enlightening for me. one of the many things I received from his men's circle, is how similar we are in fact as men. thank you Daniel. honored to be a part of your leadership."


Albert Chavez,

Mortgage specialist

DaVeed Castillo

Childcare provider 


Daniel puts his full heart and mind into his service with men.  He creates a container for men of diverse backgrounds to feel safe and seen.  I feel happy and proud to have been a part of the group he created.

I was extremely impressed with how Daniel structured and led our meetings. I honestly didn't know what to expect going into this but what I learned about myself and other men will stay with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend working with Daniel.


Jay delo

creative director,

"story insights" 

Justin johnson



"working with Daniel has been an incredible privilege and one the best experiences I've been able to have.  his kindness, mindfulness and understanding has not only helped me but others that I've been happy to share the experience with. Embracing my vulnerability and valuing my masculinity in a healthy strong and mindful journey, is all thanks to Daniel's mens groups and heart work."